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Why it's worth buying dog beds from E-DOGGY ?

Are you looking for a durable dog bed for your pet, or maybe a transporter for a dog waiting for a long journey? You have got to the right place! In our dog accessories, we focus on combining a unique style with usability.


  • Functional - the filling is pulled out and the cover can be cleaned,
  • Available in 19 colors - you can choose the color to suit your preferences,
  • Easy to keep clean - dirt and hair do not adhere to eco-skin,
  • A timeless design - bed models fit perfectly into modern and classic interior,
  • Waterproof - the material used in the production of our dog beds and tranporters does not absorb moisture,
  • Made of non-toxic materials - safe for dogs with dermatological problems,
  • Antiallergic - non-absorbing dust, moisture and odors that affect dog's well-being,
  • Hand-made - thanks to which we are able to obtain individual preferences of our clients,
  • Comfortable - meeting the needs of the most demanding canine users,
  • Available in five sizes - which makes it easier to adjust the bed to each dog,
  • Made in Poland
  • Orthopedic filling - on special order, we give the possibility of using the VISCO filling, thanks to which the bed provides ideal support and body position, and reduces muscle and nerve tension, which is very important in the prevention of all kinds of spine and joint diseases,
  • Durable - for products from the E-Doggy store, we provide a two-year warranty.


Many companies produce dog beds, seemingly looking the same as those offered by our store, but most of them use poor quality materials to make them, which quickly lose their properties, become deformed, destroyed or cause allergies to dogs. Our dog beds and transporters are covered by a two-year warranty, for good reason. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, we are able to offer you the final products, serving your pets for many years, and the passage of time has no impact on their appearance or comfort of use.