Do you love traveling with your dog? Make them comfortable and safe. The assortment has a wide spectrum of solutions that enable carrying dogs in the car. Transporters are made in several standard sizes, but we also adapt them to the dimensions of specific car models and dog sizes. 

In our store we have available transporters for the back seat, the front seat, as well as those that should be placed in the trunk. All transporters have a protective mat that makes it easier for the dog to get in and out of the car without leaving scratches or stains on the car's body or upholstery.

For greater safety, each transporter has the option of installing belts, and for hygienic reasons they are made of durable, ecological leather, which does not allow the dirt to adhere. Our transporters are available in several color options, which allows you to match the color of transporter with  color of the car's body or its upholstery.

Transporters for dogs, allow them for long journeys, without any discomfort.

We remind you that the article 60 point- 1 of the Highway Code prohibits drivers from using vehicles in a way that would endanger the safety of a person inside or outside the vehicle. Therefore, it can be concluded that the basis for issuing a fine of up to PLN 200 may be an animal that is transported in an inappropriate manner. 

Carrying your dog in the E-doggy transporter will prevent you from receiving a ticket.